We were having a bit of trouble with the neighbors getting into our yard so my husband, Gary (now ex-husband) went out and got us a "Protection Dog", a "Really Mean" dog that will keep everyone out of our yard. She came in and I looked at her and thought she was the ugliest German Shepherd I had ever seen. And her name was "Jaws".
           Well, a month went by and we had not had a problem with neighbors but my husband started hanging out with some real shady people. They would come all hour of the night.
           One night one man I had only seen once came by knowing my husband wasn't home and Jaws would not let him in. He was almost bitten and he was carrying something under his long coat. The next day some close friends of mine were held at gunpoint by this person and everything they owned was taken. I'd like to think that Jaws saved me from this fate.
            I was taking a drive in Tacoma and had to stop at a stoplight. The pedestrians were walking in front of me being loud and annoying. As they got onto the sidewalk they took a few steps then raced around my car trying to open the door. Suddenly, Jaws immerged from her back seat and went off like a Cujo dog. Jaws going with lather and eyes red like a demon. Those boys never saw it coming. I think they might have wet their pants, too. They all went running like they were on fire. This was the second time she had saved me from harm.
            We moved from that neighborhood into one that was not much better. The new neighbors were loud and party-ers. Gary would visit them and do his drinking and whatever else I would not do with him.  We didn't have a fence so we had to keep Jaws in a shed at night. Or loose with the chance of her running around the neighborhood. She had gotten into the neighbor's garage and into their garbage and the neighbor was not pleased. Gary decided to teach her a lesson and kicked and hit "Jaws" then locked her in the shed. He told me to leave her there for a while so she would learn. As he was riding off on his bike the neighbor came over and said he was sorry for saying anything. We both let her out to see if she was ok.
            Well, we did get a fence put up and I did file for divorce. Gary did want "Jaws" and the story from his ex-friends were he would beat the dog daily for eating the butter off the counter. I talked to him about letting me have her back but he was nasty and abusive. I finally got her back for awhile and she was so happy to be home.
             One night a neighbor called me and said I had someone outside my window looking in, so I brought the dogs in and felt safer. A neighbor knocked on my door who was drunk and had some friends with him but I wouldn't let them in so they tried pushing their way in. Out of nowhere "Jaws" was in the middle of this and alls they could do is stand still. I kept telling them,"stay still or she'll get you". I took "Jaws" by the collar and asked them to leave.they did. Now I would make that 3 saves.
             I was letting the dogs run around in back on a "Stay back" command and brought my groceries from the car. It was hot and all the doors were open. As I went out to get my last bag , the neighbors Doberman came into the yard and started growling at me. I was frozen. Then like a flash at the side of my eyes "Jaws" and my other dog sprung to my rescue. Chasing the dog back to his yard, I yelled "Out" and in that second "Jaws" turned back to me to see if I was OK. My other dog had to sniff the other dog before he turned back home.
              The divorce was going to be final soon and they said the dogs would go to Gary. I had to do something to save these poor dogs from abuse. The only choice I had was to find a new home for them. But when a man came to see "Jaws" I could not stop my eyes from crying. This was the only thing I could do to save her from abuse so I let her go. The man said if I want we could forget about this but I had to do it. I know I could not pass her back over to Gary without feeling guilty. I had to save her like she saved me. Many times. Saved me from harm.
                I saw her once, at a little carwash. In the back of a truck. There was a young lady with her, and kids in the front seat. She looked happy, She had a family. And now she could protect them like she did me.