I could see her laying in front of the house on a chain and she was gorgeous. Yet spooky looking since she was all black. I didn't know if she was vicious or mean and never thought to ask. The lady came out from the house and let her off the chain. I opened the car door and she jumps in over me and straight for my son. It was love at first site. She had to have this boy. The lady said she didn't care who came by to pick her up she was mine. "Sparky" jumped into the back and I took her home and she fell in love with my boyfriend. Kyle, my son, would play outside all day and Sparky would be just inches away from him at all times. He would throw a stick she would pick it back up and lay next to him waiting for the next stick or rock or bug. One time we were in the front yard and Kyle who was 2 went walking after a ball he had thrown across the street but Sparky kept standing in front of him between the road and Kyle. Like she knew he shouldn't go any farther. What an instinctive dog.
I looked all over for a for a stud dog to breed her to and found an Andretti son who had the black factor. A litter of puppies came and they were all lively and happy and beautiful. I had a k9 evaluator come by and test the puppies and all would be perfect for police work. The evaluator said she had never seen such temperament  in a mother around her pups she got right in with the pups and laid there with visitor happily handling puppies. People came by and she never growled or got nervous with strangers. She loved everyone.
Then the day came I got a show dog of top lines sure to show well. Sparky was not amused. She wanted to eat her. This went on and on. I had to chose between a new dog with great qualities too or Sparky. Then the day came of Sparky's puppies had a bad hips. Of course one out of 8 wasn't bad but I wasn't willing to take the chance of another litter so I spayed her and called a local trainer who loved her but she wasn't aggressive enough to train for protection but he had a great idea to put her into a home with a boy that had seizers. They took her and she fit right in but something wonderful happened. She was so in tuned to the boy that she would detect the seizers before he had them. Unbelieveable!!! She would whine and stratch just before he would siezer.
One day she was restless and was whineing and pacing so the people put her outside to avoid the noise. Sparky heard the neighbor mowing his lawn and jumped over the fence and approached him aggressively. Then she realized this was bad jumped back into her yard. The neighbor was so upset that he ran over and told the people what had happened. The people thought for sure she went nuts so they took her to their vets and had her put down. 
A day later the owners' boy died of a massive seizer. Maybe this was what Sparky was trying to tell everyone. Maybe someone should have listened.