This page was last updated on: July 23, 2016
First you want to put a deposit down when your litter comes up.
I will help you in your selection to get the right puppy for your family.
1) line up a veternarian to care for your puppy
2) line up a trainer to train your puppy. One way to get along with your puppy is to get some way to commuicate with him/her through training.

Our puppy program.

These puppies are great for pets and family protectors.
I start them as soon as they start walking to follow me and to be apart of the household. I have them around cats, older dogs, loud TVs, noisy loud men, kids, pans and dishes clattering and all those everyday things. I get them comfortable in a crate, go for car rides, have strangers handle them and give them lots of love. I start their obedience at 4 weeks with a "come" and work with sits, stay backs, leave it, and Potty. I start clipping nails at 3 weeks so they are use to it.
I have hired 5 girls of different ages to come in and clean, play and sit with the puppies. They love the job of course and the puppies get an early start at many different people helping with early socializing.
I will keep you in touch with their progress at all times.

I take deposits early so I can use it to put into raising the puppies with lots of good food, fresh goats milk, clean cedar, bottled water, and little things like collars and vet checks. It may not seem like much but it makes a big difference when you take the time and care to raise them this way.

All breeding dogs have an OFA, OVC or "A" stamp from the the country they are from.

I also suggest early training for the family pet. The sooner you learn to communicate with your dog the better the dog will be. But firm or harsh training on a puppy could turn the puppy off on listening to you. Please have it a happy experience for your puppy so that it is a pleasent to the pup for future training. Make it unpleasent now and you will have problems later.

I hope to meet you soon and look forward to having a puppy go into a family who is active and want their dog to be a part of their family.
That's the best kind.