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This page is fulled with comments from real people who have a Von Sudlich Puppy.
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I was lucky enough to get one of Eddie and Zdena's pups last summer. He is the absolute best!!! So smart and sweet and FUNNY! I absolutely adore him and cannot imagine being without him. Everyone who meets him just loves him. I am sending some pics from last summer and from mid Feb. Thank you!!!
Hi Kerry,
Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you very much for all the info you gave me concerning Piper (from Red & Shady litter) and her infected lips. We are having our well water tested at present, but already switched her to bottled water until we find out if we will need to filter our water. She was one week into her meds when we switched the water and although her lips were looking much better with the meds. they were completely healed within 3 days of switching the water. The vet was amazed when we went into our checkup that they had healed completely, she was convinced that it would be an immune issue. Consequently, we have switched to a more experienced vet within the clinic.
Piper is doing great and is smart as a whip! We are 4 weeks in to our basic training class and our trainer who primarily owns German Shepherds himself is very impressed, not only with her temperament but also her excellent conformation. Piper has an excellent willingness to please and great focus, which has made training so far particularly easy. She has also done extremely well with children, while she can be very puppy like with us when children are around she is very gentle and calm, my two year old niece loves her to death and I am amazed at how well Piper interacts with her.
Piper has also been surprisingly good with our cat, our last german shepherd we had to keep a close eye on when around the cat but Piper quickly learned to patiently "leave it"
Anyways, I could go on and on, hehe...
Thank you again for everything! Chad and I are so thrilled with Piper, she brings love and amusement to our lives everyday!

Kerry & Chad Beltman


Hi Kerry,

Just a quick note to let you know that Misty is doing fine. She is really growing and is very good tempered, I see shades of Eddie in her temperament. She has learned to stay, sit, go down, walks off leash and does not try to  go afr at all, responds to her name, will usually come when called unless she is chasing a bee or butterfly. She is crate trained and hardly ever has accidents in the house. She is really a wonderful dog. Should we try to introduce her to herding/ flyball etc as she certainly likes to herd Sania? Cannot believe it is only 2 weeks since we got her. Thanks for giving us Misty.

Thanks, Sheela

Hi Kerry,
Paula Isla-McGill
P.S. - Ramsey is doing great! He's already going potty on his own and he's been sleeping through the night. He's very playful with the kids and Kennedy and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again!


Hi Kerry:
Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well with our new pup.  She slept for almost the whole car ride, and didn’t get sick at all.  The meeting with our dog went really well.  I think they will end up being good friends. 
You have obviously done an outstanding job with your puppies.  I have never seen a puppy at this age already grasping the idea of going potty outdoors.  So far, she has gone outside every time and seems to really understand that is where she is supposed to go.  She follows around the house and yard, and greets everyone who comes to the door, and doesn’t seem afraid of anything.
I will keep you posted on her progress.  Thank you so much!

Heidi Harding

Kane is doing great! he was very playful when we got home and then had a long nap. he's eating and drinking, and going potty outside. he slept through most of the night, we got up around 3:30 to go outside and then he went back to sleep till 9 this morning. he's very calm and is happy just laying down next to wherever i am. today we are going to go meet a few people and hang out at the park! thank you soooo much! i love him!! i will send you some more pictures and updates soon!

Hi Kerry, thank you so much for our new puppy, Zuri.  I know I'm not usually an instant bonder, but I am already in love with this girl.  She is so sweet, attentive, confident, and stable.  Whatever you are doing with these dogs *works*.  What a fantastic temperament.  For our almost two-hour drive home (with traffic), she curled up on the floor by my feet and went to sleep.  Every now and then she lifted her head, looked around, and went back to sleep - no fuss, no sickness.
She has already adapted incredibly to our home and yard, taking in visiting children, neighbors, a trip to the vet, pouring rain, walking up and down steep steps, over a wobbly board the kids play on, dirt trenches and thick grass.  She sleeps well at night, lets us know when
she needs to go out, and is completely unfazed by our chirping parakeets, sometimes crying kids, and household noises.  She will go outside with us and romp around and play, then come inside and curl up by our feet or on her bed and rest.
I'm reminding myself she is still a puppy and to expect normal puppy behavior.  But wow, what a dog!
On our way to pick her up, I was talking with the kids about how fast puppies grow up and to enjoy this time while it is here and how we would have a grown-up dog as part of our family for years to come.  Well, the morning after we got Zuri, my daughter woke up, looked around and
exclaimed, "Zuri's still a puppy!"  I guess that sense of time is hard for kids to understand, lol.

Thanks again, we feel very fortunate.

Laura Prevo
Hi Kerry,

Puppy is doing great! She howled for the first few miles and then slept the rest of the way home. We named her Zoey. Our older dog, Missy, licks her face and seems to enjoy her. She has met my sister, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, one son, and my niece all ready - they all live here or right behind us. So far she follows both Paul and myself and came right to my brother-in-law. She has a new puppy vet appt tomorrow morning. So far so good!


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